Becky Dvorak - The Prophetic Healing Power of Your Words

Loren Sandford - A Vision of Hope for the End Times

John and Carol Arnott - Preparing For Glory - Part 2

Jeff Deyo - Awakening Pure Worship

Dennis Davis - Unlimited Annointing

Rick Schneider - End of Life Issues - Part 2

Rick Schneider - End of Life Issues - Part 1

Don Young - 2019 Prophetically

Francis Sizer - Power Encounters

Jamie Rasmussen - How Joyful People Think

Larry Crabb - When God's Ways Make No Sense

Kerry Kirkwood - Pursue, Overtake, Recover

John and Carol Arnott - Preparing For Glory

Robert Henderson - The Trading Floors of Heaven

Robert Henderson - Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven

Sandra Kennedy - The Cleansing Healing Power of the Blood

Patricia Bootsma - A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters

Wade and Connie Urban - Your Holy Spirit Arsenal

Kevin Zadai - Praying from the Heavenly Realms

Dean Merrill - Miracle Invasion

Mark Virkler - Your Extraordinary Life

Michael Lombardo - Immersed in His Glory

Barry Ham - Living on Purpose

Rabbi Howard Silverman - Blessings - What is it?

Mark Virkler - Unleashing Healing Power/Emotions

Brian Simmons - Passion Update

Ken Boa - Life in the Presence of God

Don Young - 2018 Prophetically

Leif Hetland - Healing the Orphan Spirit

Tim Sheets - Planting The Heavens

Kelly Kapic - Embodied Hope

Leif Hetland - Giant Slayers

Sandra Kennedy - The Simplicity of Healing

Becky Dvorak - Greater Than Magic

Krissy Nelson - Created for the Impossible

Becky Dvorak - Healing Creed

Shawn Bolz - Translating God

Richard Booker - Miracle of the Scarlet Thread

Steve Hannett - Unleashing Heavens Breath

Tom Phillips - Jesus Now Awakening

Brian Simmons - Passion Translation Bible

Greg Ogden - Transforming Discipleship

Donna Schambach - Anointing for Miracles

Kerry Kirkwood - The Power of Imagination

Kerry Kirkwood - Power of Blessing

Don Young - 2017 Prophetically

Mark Yaconelli - Gift of Hard Things

Ken Boa - Rewriting your Broken Story

David Hernandez - Carriers of His Glory

Don Nori - The Forgotten Mountain

Dr. Richard Booker - Why Jesus Died

Richard Booker - It is Finished!

Margie Fleurant - Focus (Part 2)

Margie Fleurant - Focus (Part 1)

Pastor Jim Baker - When Heaven Invades Your Finances

Pastor Don Young - 2016 Prophetically

Loren Sandford: Yes, There is More!

Francis Frangipane: Like a Watered Garden

Teresa Ward: Gateway to Dreams

Dennis and Dr.Jen Clark: The Supernatural Power of Peace

Fr. Otto Lolk Theopanies

2015 Prophetically Pastor Don Young

T. David Beck: Luminous

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones: Proof/Grace

Dee Brestin: Idol Lies

Pastor Don Young: 2014 Prophetically

Mark Chironna: The Dream Inside Of You

Tommy Welchel: True Stories Of The Miracles of Azuza Street And Beyond

Dr Daniel Brown: Embracing Grace

Robert John & Bonnie Ciercola: Love Covenant

Matt Appling: Life After Art (What You Forgot About Life And Faith Since You Left The Art Room)

Scott Osborne: The Book of Blessings

Becky Tarabassy: Sacred Obsession

Philip Cameron: Believing God for Miracles

Jennifer Kennedy Dean: Hearts Cry: The Principles of Prayer

Everybody's Talking - Gary Thomas: Sacred Pathways

Jeff Eggers: Prophetic Like Jesus


James Woodford - Heaven - Part 2

James Woodford - Heaven - Part 1

Ed Rocha - Angels: God's Supernatural Agents

Judy Franklin - Experiencing the Heavenly Realm

Jonathan Bernis - A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural

Tim Sheets - Angel Armies

Ron Jones - Mysteries of the Afterlife

Dr. Daniel Brown: Heaven

Gary Oates: Open My Eyes Lord (Guide to Angelic Visitation)

Terry Law: The Truth About Angels

Robert Wise: Crossing the Threshold of Eternity

Steve Swanson: Heaven's Symphony


Tim Muehlhoff - Defending Your Marriage

Wade and Connie Urban - Your Holy Spirit Arsenal

Quin Sherer - Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Robert Henderson - The Courts of Heaven

Neil Anderson - Spiritual Warfare

Jennifer Eivaz - Intercessors Handbook

Don Dickerman - Deliverance Update

Linda Godsey - Origins

David Orton - Snakes in the Temple

Rebecca Greenwood - Let Our Children Go! Part 1

Rebecca Greenwood - Let Our Children Go! Part 2 (teens)

Rebecca Greenwood - Defeating Strongholds of the Mind

Stephen Beauchamp - Power to Deliver (Part 2)

Stephen Beauchamp - Power to Deliver (Part 1)

Francis Frangipane: The Three Battlegrounds

Ron Cummings (Part 1): Freedom in Prison

Ron Cummings (Part 2): Spiritual Awareness

Don Dickerman: Deliverance Columbus!

Don Dickerman: Pigs, People and Principalities (Part I)

Don Dickerman: Pigs, People and Principalities (Part II)

Don Dickerman: When Pigs Move In - I

Don Dickerman: When Pigs Move In - II

David Seamands: Succeeding in Enemy Territory

Steve Sjogren: Servant Warfare


Charity Kayembe - Hearing God through your Dreams

Josh Lawrence - Practical Prophecy (Part 2)

Josh Lawrence - Practical Prophecy (Part 1)

Jane Hammon - Dream and Visions

Margie Fleurant - Prayer

Dr. Mark Virkler: Hearing God Through Your Dreams

Dr. Mark Virkler: Prayers that Heal the Heart

Russell Walden (Part 1): Face to Face with the Father

Russell Walden (Part 2): Hearing The Voice Of God

Dr. Mark Virkler: Hearing God

Ron DiCianni: In the Wilderness